May 2018 01
Fishing Report May 1 2018
Posted By : mariaericsson88

Fishing Report May 1 2018, the 1st rains arrived in the Gulf, the bite getting better by the day,  a amaze of tuna is running and the billfish and  dorado are still out there. Our…

April 2018 09
Fishing report April 9 2018
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Michael and Nicholas, father and son for the first time in the area of the Gulf of Chiriqui, ready for the Tuna Season 2018 and here you can see the results, they started the best…

March 2018 09
Fishing Report March 9 2018
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Justin and his wife enjoyed 4 days fishing and 5 nights at the PNC Island Resort, but Justin was in the real action places Hannibal Bank and Montuosa, Coiba area catch Dorados and Tuna, release…

February 2018 02
Fishing report Feb 2 2018
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Our friends from O2Oceans tours, sent us a group of Russians, 2 boats 7 anglers, who enjoyed the resort and had the fishing of their lives, excellent food, resort facilities, good attention, were their words…

January 2018 16
Fishing Report Jan 2018
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JAMES, TRACY AND DEBORAH  Fantastic time with our friends from Oklahoma, USA They caught, everything possible, rooster, marlin, wahoo, with fantastic weather conditions, and enjoyed our five star lodge with nightly massages.      

December 2017 29
Fishing report Dec 29 2017
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Rogers Family, enjoy the experience of his 1rst catch and release  Marlin, Congratulations!!! not just that, the littles ones of the family had their times with a nice Dorado, we all enjoy dinner time that…

December 2017 26
Fishing Report Dec 26 2017
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The Rabon family spent Christmas at lodge, father and son fished 2 days. They fished the Rattle Snail and had rod bending action with the dorado action in the Gulf. They also successfully hooked up a…

December 2017 24
Fishing report Dec 24 2017
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Andrea spent 5 days living aboard the Nick-o-Time exploring the Gulf of Chirirqui fishing spots. December bought massive shoals of dolphinfish this year, typically between 30 and 55lb. They caught several black and sail fish…

October 2017 29
PBG Fishing Report September & October 2017
Posted By : Julie

Inshore and Offshore Action Like the wet-season weather, the mid-year fishing delivered mixed results. For days on end there was frenzied yellowfin action on the seamount in glass-calm conditions. After the tuna moved on, the…

October 2017 27
Fishing Report Oct 27 2017
Posted By : mariaericsson88

Our 3 friends Larry, Gill and Jose from USA came and fished 3 days at the lodge late October. The team cleaned up, marlin, rooster, sail fish and a number of other species. They are…